Weather causes loss of power across Britain


Many homes across the UK have been left without power due to the recent weather conditions. The heavy snowfall has caused a loss of electricity in homes across Britain.

The long winter that Britain has endured continued, even after the Spring Equinox, with snow falling across the country. Roads have been shut, trains and planes have been delayed due to the extreme weather conditions. The bitterly cold weather has had a huge impact on electricity throughout the UK and Northern Ireland Electricity stated that ‘it could be several more days’ before the electricity could be supplied back to homes.

The serious weather conditions led to weather warnings being issued by the MET Office over recent days and up to 21,000 homes could have been affected by the weather. 20,000 homes in Northern Ireland and Scotland have been affected by the snow and have therefore lost all electricity. The snow has been falling heaviest in both countries and has caused many accidents and issues across both countries. Furthermore, 500 homes in Wales and 200 homes in Cumbria have lost power due to the snow.

The severe weather resulted in two deaths. The body of 27 year old Gary Windle was found buried in snow near Burnley, and a woman’s body has been discovered after a land slide in Looe, Cornwall, she is yet to be named.

Weather warnings remain in place from London, in the south east, to Scotland in the North.

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