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Moving from Primary school to secondary is one of the most important moves you make. Parents and pupils visit a school to discover the education and facilities. This is an opportunity to make the school seem as good as it is, and to attract the most children as possible. But now it is questioned is it a cover up or the truth?

Open days are used to attract the maximum number of applicants and used to build a reputation for the school. However, over recent years there have been queries over the reliability of Open days. Mr Dastagir, the head master of the London Nautical School stated in an interview, that “I am honest to parents and specific about the things I say. Of course it is a chance to show how good schools are but some may cover up the truth some may not. The three main things you look for in an Open day are teaching, is your child happy and safe, and finally what kind of students attend the school.” We also interviewed a LNS student Arthur Davis “I think that it is obvious that schools put on a show so that they can get the best pupils applying. I think they also put on a show for inspectors, but I think this is also the inspectors fault because they give schools time to prepare a false show”

Some students complain that the teachers are too soft in some schools and 73% of pupils asked claimed that teachers are too soft. The headmaster was interviewed and stated that “Some schools may be strict, but the purpose of this school is to create that bond with staff and students. Instead of shouting and excluding.” The reply to the question was do teachers use their status to intimidate kids by saying they will be excluded. Mr Dastagir said “No I do not think that because head of years can not exclude and it is my final decision.”

Overall, schools are not created to cheat on students and lie to pupils. But it does happen in some cases. In conclusion to this it can be speculated that schools do not really sculpt the truth about them, but are honest and sure to gain the best outcome.

Staff Writers: Peter, Leon and Blert

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