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Later this term the Year 8 English Bunker will be transformed into a thriving, adrenaline-filled newsroom. Those of you who follow the Year Plan will already be expecting this development.

British journalism has reached a crisis. Big business has a stranglehold on the mainstream media, and the Guardian has made a massive miss-step with its latest humourless ad campaign. Year 8 are going to fill the breach – with a series of live radio and television programmes containing the results of their investigative probes into current events that most matter to you.

The programme will culminate in an Edutronic Takeover, where the front page to Edutronic will be replaced with the Edutronic Investigates programme and the hundreds of visitors will watch as Year 8 streams a live programme of current affairs to the masses.

Register to this site for more information and tune in as the stories develop.


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