Assignment Two: Edutronic Radio News

Investigative Assignment Two: Tuesday 5 March 2013

  1. In your crews of 2 technicians and journalists, select your radio news bulletin: A factual account of a recent event in the London Nautical School, including a 5-10 second interview component
  2. Remember: you must pursue a question that allows the sourcing of information from primary sources
  3. This assignment should have no bias – it should be a factual report that presents the facts of the event and nothing more.
  4. Do your research, prepare your script, and line up your interview subject, ready for recording on Thursday morning.
  5. The best 5 News items – as voted by you – will be added to a single package and presented on the front page of Edutronic as part of the advertising package.
The outcomes of this inquiry will form part of your showreel which will be submitted at the end of the Edutronic Investigates programme in March.

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